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spikedee's Journal

25 December 1985
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Spike Dee. Twenty-one. Twenty-two. Twenty-three. Twenty-four. Twentysomething. Male. Five feet, seven inches. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Chubby. Of American Indian, Irish, and African ancestry. Quirkyalone. Somehow clinically ADHD and borderline perfectionist. Occasionally prone to bouts of clinical depression, existential angst, and neuroticism. Reader. Writer. Over-analyzer and procrastinator extraordinaire. Slave to academia and trainwreck syndrome. Flagrantly nerdy. Knowledge and trivia maven. Computer-science and math geek. Debian user. Non-rabid FLOSS enthusiast. NPR and PBS addict. Wikipedia and TV Tropes junkie. Britophile. Japanophile. Hispanophile & Hispanophone. Linguaphile and xenophile in general. Grammarian and compulsive proofreader, yet has bad spelling. Often delightfully self-contradictory. Outspoken advocate of comprehensive single-payer universal healthcare, public broadcasting, public education, and consumer and workers' rights. Center-leftist. Registered Democrat. Armchair activist. ~95% gay, 100% queer.

90s nostalgia, absurd conspiracy theories, academia, aclu, actually using canada's healthcare, adhd, affection, agnosticism, all kinds of music, animal welfare, anime & manga, bara, bears, being classier than thou, bipolar disorder, caffeine, calling fiscal under-regulation sociopathy, campy things, cheesy gay romance, collecting quotes, computers, confounding asshats with sass, contradicting myself, counting backwards from infinity, cuddling, debian, defending scary dark people, deism, democrats, dvorak keyboard layout, easy-bake meth labs, economic justice, energy, erin camilla thomas, erotica, esoteric math jokes, fandom, fdr, feminism, finding myself, floriduh, foss, free culture, fsf, fstdt, gender studies, giving haters the hand, gnu/linux, grammargasms, headphones, idealism, image macros, inside jokes, intellectual pursuits as entertainment, internet culture, introspection, irc, leftism, lgbt equality, linguistics, lolcats, lupus, making lists, male bonding, mansex, mathematics, mookitty/princess otp, my thinkpad, nerdiness, neuroticism, neutral good, not mindlessly hating furries, not tolerating bullshit, npr, old-school video games, outsiders, pbs, pets, precision f strikes, programming, psychology, public broadcasting, queer theory, quirkyalone, raising taxes over 9000%, reading, received pronunciation, ridiculing internet tough guys, rpgs, sarcasm, saying "excuse you", second bill of rights, self-acceptance, social justice, spelling "ridiculous" correctly, splc, stealthily referencing memes irl, strategy games, surreal humor, tetris, the [citation needed] lifestyle, the paranormal, the radical gay agenda, trainwreck syndrome, tv tropes, ufo crazies, warm and fuzzy feelings, web development, weird news, well-sourced arguments, wetshaving, wikipedia, wildlife conservation, windy days, writing, , , ,